OUR Charity

Lightside Software Association is a commercial organization that works for the benefit of the business community through advanced technologies application. We not only make profitable business but also recognize our commitment to the society and operate responsibly to serve the higher purpose of making the world a better place. We strive to be successful at both creating exceptional customer experience and contributing to the wider community.

A key pillar of our corporate social responsibility approach is pro-bono volunteering activities aimed at providing assistance to children in need and support the implementation of socially significant projects. Thus, 3-5% of the profit the company commits to meeting the essential needs of children ensuring their well-being and promising future. Our donations fund the battle against the limitations of the underprivileged sick kids the limits of remote and rural hospitals the limits of obsolete facilities and equipment. Our contributions create an educational opportunity for the gifted youth to provide them with the skills they need to put the young talents on a path to successful career and ensure their sustainable future.

Thus with every project, we develop we create an opportunity for a better life and every time you purchase from our business, part of your money will serve the higher purpose of making the world a better place.