Terms & conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all software development and design services provided by LightSide Software Association to the Client. Please read these terms and Conditions carefully. By accessing this website of LightSide Software Association and confirming order with us, you acknowledge your acceptance of all the below mentioned Terms and Conditions:

    Estimates and Quotations

  • All estimates and quotations made by LightSide Software Association are valid for a period of 20 days from date of issue. After 20 days these estimates and quotations must be reviewed and changed by LightSide Software Association.

  • All quoted costs and estimates do not include bank fees and taxes.

  • All estimates and quotations which are approved by Client can not be changed after the invoicing. It can be changed before invoicing or after the project delivery date.

    Intellectual Property

  • All source code developed by LightSide Software Association remains the property of LightSide Software Association.

  • Any costs incurred by LightSide Software Association for the third party code license required to complete the quoted software are the responsibility of the Client.

    Payment Terms

  • All quotations provided by LightSide Software Association, require 30-50% deposit upon acceptance accordingly to the type of services.

  • Estimates and quotations can be paid accordingly to the project’s details.

  • Prices for the services depend of the project requirements, level of developers, timeline of development process.

  • Budget of the project can be changed accordingly to the upcoming difficulties during the project implementation.


  • In a case when the Client cancelling the project which is under development, the Client should pay 30% penalty of the cost of the upcoming project’s sprint/milestone/stage.

    Completion of work

  • Completion of work depends of the amount of tasks in the agreed Estimate or Quotation.

  • Works are completed once the last agreed with the Client task is completed.

  • LightSide Software Association deliver the ready-made project to the Client in the agreed manner.

  • The Client itself is responsible for the handling and/or proper operation with the project infrastructure.

  • After delivery and any installation of the project, the Client will test the Software for errors within one (1) week. “Error” means substantial and reproducible non-conformity with the Specifications. During this test period, the Client may not use the Software for remunerative or operational purposes.


  • LightSide Software Association only provide maintenance for the Software insofar as agreed in a separate Service Agreement. Services of maintenance may charge the Client for the costs of the correction work at the hourly rates in effect then.

  • Maintenance works list is different for every sort of project and should be agreed with the Client as well as the cost of these works.

    Changes to the ready-made software

  • Any changes of the developed projects should be paid by the Client accordingly to the Estimate of the required changes.

  • Any required changes should be performed only after finishing the project’s sprint/milestone/stage and estimated accordingly to the requirements and hourly rates.

  • Changes during the development process can be implemented only on the paid basis.

This website, as well as LightSide Software Association’s Terms and Conditions, may be revised, changed, updated and modified by LightSide Software Association with or without notice. To follow the changes please review the website on the regular basis. Continued use of this Website constitutes your acceptance of any changes to the LightSide Software Association’s teams and Conditions.