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Have you ever considered starting your own profitable present-day business? Embrace the chance to explore the field of Informational Technology – one of the most aspired and flourishing business sectors in almost any country in the world. “Lightside Software Association” opens a window of opportunity to create your own business without enormous initial capital and profound knowledge of IT. Naturally, it would be desirable to have at least some background in IT, although it is not a core competency critical to the success of your new business.

We’ll give you a valuable opportunity to earn your revenue and commission simply by recommending our software development services to your contacts. This should not be taken to mean that you will sit idly by and clients will come with no effort. It always takes hard work and continuous improvement to achieve good results, so keep it up and you will soon enjoy the benefits of your efforts.

What are the core competencies
of a successful business partner?

  • targeting
    Network building and management
    We are looking for a partner who is experienced at doing business and whose entrepreneurial network has wide and credible connections.
  • targeting
    Proactive, motivated and outgoing
    We are looking for a partner who has the driving power towards the best possible outcome, ability to interact with people at all levels and convince them why they should do business with us.
  • targeting
    PC and Internet skills
    We are looking for a partner willing to explore informational technology, which makes PC and Internet skills essential.
  • targeting
    Business and market awareness
    We are looking for a partner who has good knowledge about current issues and future trends in IT and ability to communicate it in clear and concise way.
  • targeting
    Сustomer engagement
    We are looking for a partner who is good at developing business and has the ability to draw new clients.
  • targeting
    We are looking for a partner with fresh ideas and innovative solutions that will attract new customers and grow our business.

You won’t find here referral programs awards or swipe files for download since “Lightside Software Association” philosophy is tailored approach and high-quality service on every step of cooperation both with the company’s customers and its precious partners.

Just, fill in the form below and we will respond promptly to your business partnership offer.