Production Monitoring System

Used technologies:

Description of work:

AXXOS-OEE is a software solution with a strong focus on production monitoring and optimization. The application works well standalone in all different manufacturing industry areas. AXXOS OEE is also a top of the line shop floor component that smoothly integrates into MES solutions. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a globally accepted standard for measuring manufacturing productivity.

The system lets you to check the pulse of your production Monitor, analyze and visualize with AXXOS OEE to get the full picture of how effectively your production is running – and a solid foundation for improvements. You can choose your platform: touch screen or office computers, tablets or mobile phones and use notifications to get alerts about disruptions.

Our development team got a challenge to create technology for day-to-day production monitoring that helps to improve the industrial efficiency continuously. Some of the main features are:

– Automatically gather information about stoppages and cycle times

– Check the critical information, such as machine availability, OEE value per machine, part or order, and the most common causes of stoppages

– Visualize production in real time with AXXOS Visualize

– Solid basis for making decisions that show in black and white what action you need to take and where AXXOS OEE rapidly alerts you about the problems, efficiently documents losses and lets you quickly analyze causes and effects

– Manage and report operator maintenance based on schedules or operational data

– The time you save with the help of this system gives you more opportunities for active improvements

With the help of: MVC / DevExpress / Modbus / TCP/IP / Reflection / Roslyn / SignaIR / WCF Framework

*Our development team can implement any idea of yours to improve your production system and increase the profit as the result. Just let us know by contacting us!