Start ups

We help the startups to avoid problems with development of the new software product. Our well-rounded and experienced teams of developers will take care of your brilliant idea gladly and with the enthusiasm.


When entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, our software development team meet them with all the necessary expertise – from Business Analysis and Prototyping to Minimal Viable Product and User Experience Design to custom software development, quality assurance and deployment.

Launching a new startup requires its website developing and, of course, software creating that fits the startups needs. For this purpose, you need a team of professional developers who can support you during all the steps and phases you should go through.

  • First, and the most important step, is business and technical consulting processes when we need to collect all the requirements, data and analyze the startup’s needs.

  • Second step is the Specification’s creation which is a basis of the future successful development and helps to architect the product properly. On this step we writing the Prototypes for the future development.

  • Next step is the project execution phase – a development phase when programmers write your code accordingly to the approved Specification and under the Project Manager’s control. To make this process transparent and efficient, we use special tools and methods for better communication with the Product Owner / Clients.

  • Final step is the ready-made product deployment and technical support.

Technologies which we use depend of your startup’s type.